Saturday, April 2, 2011

Questions on Heaven

Reading is something I  never really did until I was in my forties.  I used the excuse that it put me to sleep which was really the truth.  Then the Left Behind series came out and I started after about 4 of the books had been written so I really got into the habit of reading.  Did it still put me to sleep?  Well, sorta, kinda, but I learned if I got drowsy to get up and go to the bathroom or get a drink or do a few jumping jacks to get my blood flowing and I could read longer.  (Well, I really didn't do the jumping jacks, but I probably should have!)  The books were really good too, so they kept my interest.  Now, it is hard for me to go to sleep at night if  don't read.  And it is even harder to go to sleep if the book is really good.  I am to the point I almost wouldn't need a television to exist.  I know, that is drastic!

Last night I started a new book and just let me tell you, I finished the book before I could go buy groceries today.  It was GOOD!  Less than 200 pages on the Ipad.  One that I couldn't wait to blog about.  It is called Heaven is for Real  and is wrtten by Todd Burpo, the father of the 4 year old that experienced heaven and survived to tell about it in his own way.

(Yes I captured that picture from Amazon so we have the little arrow wanting you to open the book and look inside.  ha)

Have you ever wondered what we will look like in heaven?  Have you ever wondered if there will be animals in heaven?  Have you ever wondered if you will still need glasses in heaven?  Have you ever wondered if your family members will know you?  Or will you know the baby you miscarried and never got to meet?  Have you ever wondered if when you pray, someone is really listening?  And, does it really help the situation you are in when you pray?  And the most fascinating part is have you ever wondered what Jesus really looks like? 

You know, if you never think about heaven, then you might need to think about whether you will really be there or not?  The book answers that question too!  Even if you aren't a reader and think you don't have time to read a book, please buy this book and read it.  It is very enlightening.  Who knows, you may get hooked on reading too. 

Have a Blessed day!

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