Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Love!

The following are some of the Christmas cards I have received so far with pictures on them. I love getting this type of card.  Sometimes this is the only time I may see the people all year.  I appreciate the fact that they worked hard to get the perfect picture, select the perfect card, take the time to address them and most of all spend the money that it takes to brighten my day.  Thank you!  (Sorry Calverts, I couldn't figure out how to make you horizontal in the program I used to make the collage.  ha  We still love you!)
Just with these few pictures, it makes me realize how so many lives are changed so drastically in one years time.  There are those with new family members and those who have had their family members given up to God this year.  Either way, life will never be the same for them.  As I sit here writing, I can quickly count at least five wonderful couples that will be having new babies in the coming year and two of those are twins!  One thing for sure this next year, we will have plenty of baby things to buy!  There is nothing more special than having a new baby in the family and it is something you cannot truly understand, the fullness of that statement, until you have your own baby.  The love that you have for a child cannot be explained in words.  The only way to understand it is to know God's love for us.  After having a child, holding them and providing for them, you can then more fully understand the love that God has for his children - for YOU. 

We go about our busy lives and may not take the time to realize that God loves us, no matter what the circumstances may be, no matter what we may or may not have done.  He does not give up on us just as we would never give up on our own children.  We are there when they need us, just as God is there for us.  My prayer for the young families reading this is that you will make it a priority this year to put God first in your lives.  Attend the church of your choice on a regular basis.  Get your children involved.  Get yourself involved.  It will be life changing.  I have never understood how someone can face all of life's problems without having the Lord actively in their lives.  It must be so devastating!  Learn to lean on Him, to trust Him for all your needs.  Talk to Him.  Ask him for the things you need in life.  To paraphrase, you have not, because you ask not.  He can give you the wisdom you need for raising a child.  He can provide the answers to life's tough situations.  He can work miracles where we see no hope!  Getting involved in church and most importantly, Sunday School, will provide the new friends that your family needs.  It will provide a peace that passes all understanding. 

Remember why we have Christmas.  It is the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Let him be a part of your family this year.  The love you feel for your children, God wants you to feel from Him.  You can be His child, if only you ask.

Have a Blessed season!