Thursday, April 29, 2010

Same Kind of Different As Me

I recently read a book that will make an impact on your life so I wanted to share it.  It is non-fiction, which I normally do not like.  It seems to me that a lot of non-fiction books get boring or have long sections that just don't seem to keep my interest, but this one is different.  This one renews your faith in man and your faith in God.  It shows you how short sited we are; how sheltered we tend to live our lives; and how we miss Blessings because we don't stay in tune to what the Lord would have us do in our lives.  It is a real eye opener and a simple read.  So step out of the box, purchase this book (Sams Wholesale Club had it) and change the way you look at the world.  If you are reading this post, then you are more Blessed than a lot of people because it means you have a computer and an internet provider - that is Blessed!  Thank the Lord for your Blessings and then share with someone else what the Lord has so graciously provided for you.  Being self centered is an awful state to be in.  You will never be good enough, have enough, look good enough, etc, etc.  Become a giving person that dwells on others needs rather than on your own and THEN you will be able to see the Blessings you have been given.  Start by doing something nice this week for someone you care about and maybe it will lead to you doing something nice for a complete stranger one day.
Enjoy reading and have a Blessed day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Time for a Change

Spring always makes me want to change something in my house.  The sun has been shining in my eyes in my office for 7 years now and I decided it was time to do something about it.  That got the ball to rolling.  I wanted to use roman shades on the window since it is 7' wide and that would give me some fabric to add some style to the room.  Then that made me think it would be the time to paint if I am buying new fabric! ha  So I have had the office painted Superior Bronze from Sherwin Williams, a checked roman shade made, a new chair which required new cushions made for it, rematted the one large picture I use and then I changed all the open shelving decorations.  One roman shade sure made a lot of work!  Thought the pictures of the shelves might inspire you to do something new in your house.  Here is the new roman shade.
And the new chair with the cute orange pillow/cushions......
And then I had to have more orange.....don't you love the boxwood ball!

Birds are BIG this year!  What do you think about my lime green canary!  I love it!  The grain bin was one of the original ones Matt's grandfather built on the Kelly farm.  Whitney took the picture and I thought it went well in this grouping.

Another bird...from Pottery Barn.  The orange vases are from H&N Floral here in Texarkana.  You might want to check them out on Facebook too!  A wonderful place to shop if you haven't been!  I removed some of the shelves to give me taller spaces.  Note the picture hanging on the back of the shelf.  Gives a complete look to the area.

A larger view of the shelves directly over my computer center.  Sitting in front of the rectangle boxwood is a little embroidered picture I found this past week in Little Rock that reads, "It's never too late to be what you might have been."  How wonderful is that!  The brown box above that is special ordered along with the boxwoods from Park Street Market!  I hope that link works!

And last, but not least, I had to decorate on top of Gary's gun safe!  ha  Needed a little feminine added.

There is still one more custom painting I am having done as we speak.  I will blog about it all on it's own, whenever it comes in. 
I love the new office, but let me just say, I still really don't want to work.  Even when you love the surroundings you are in, work is still work.  We had a minister one time that told Gary and me, "that is why it is called work".  Truer words were never spoken.  I guess I really should be glad I have work to do and the health to do it!  Thank you God for giving us a Blessed day!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The New Nacho Club

Well as many of you know, I eat with a group of women every Thursday and we call it Nacho Club.  This excursion started for me 12 years ago and it had actually been going on a few years before I started.  When I first began, it was cheerleader moms (and Debbie).  We would discuss all kinds of important matters concerning cheerleading, pep rally's, hanging those darn sheet signs on the fence and blowing up all those balloons for the pep rally and then of course, what we would hear that our kids would  might be doing after the game or on weekends.  It was a great way to stay informed and let me tell you young mothers or those that will be one day - you MUST stay informed.  The kids called it gossiping, but I think it is a major way of protecting your child from all kinds of mischief.  Of course, none of us have had kids in public school for some time now so we have become a real support group for each other.  We can tell anything that is on our minds to this group of women and we know it won't go outside of that meeting - mainly because we can't remember it long enough to tell someone by the time we pay for our lunch ticket! :)  We have dealt with MIP's, stalkers, great train robberies, awful relationships our kids have had, wedding and baby showers, deaths of parents, etc, etc.  The list could go on forever.  We don't have to remember birthdays or anniversaries (which is a relief for those of us without memories.)  It is just a wonderful hour to sit and laugh and admit when we have done something really stupid cause we are all pretty much alike in that respect.

Well, today was the beginning of a new Nacho Club.  The name more than likely will need to be changed.  We haven't voted on it yet, but we did discuss how the name might need to be revised.  See if you can tell from this picture what has happened to the old Nacho Club.
The new Not-Sho I-Phone Club!
Today Teresa was sporting an i-phone!  She and I were the last two hold outs and she gave in!  Now I am the only one with a Motorola Razr.  All they do is discuss which APPS they like this week.  Today it was the BUMP.  Everyone of them downloaded this app and then proceeded to start bumping all their phones!  IN THE RESTAURANT!  At one point, I told them, "Don't look now, but there is a whole line of people on the other side of the 4' wall watching how funny you all are."  Dottie's face started getting red and said "Not really?"  I had to admit I had made that up, but I do believe the entire restaurant could hear them telling each other about their i-phones and how to work them.  No need to worry anymore kids!!!!  You are NOT being discussed - unless of course you have created your own APP - and THEN, they MIGHT talk about you! ha  I am really thinking when the old Razr goes out, I will still save it and carry it in to Nacho Club so they will never know I gave in.  Or maybe better than that, I will have to start carrying the I-Pad so mine will be bigger than theirs!  It is really kind of scarey - six women with such powerful little machines in their hands.  They could change the world!!  Everyone needs a support group and for that, we seven women are VERY BLESSED!  We have the best one ever.  It doesn't happen over night, so start yours now.  Between these women and the Lord, I can conquer anything!
Have a Blessed day!