Saturday, January 15, 2011

Real Freedom to Be Ourselves

Yesterday we had our 7th Annual Chili Lunch in the barn.  This is something that Gary and I look forward to every year.  This year we had 70 pounds of meat, 20 bags of Frito's, 2 chocolate Heath bar cakes, 2 Ooey, Gooey cakes, 3 large recipes of banana pudding, 1 coconut cake, 7 dozen chocolate chip cookies, and all the trimmings you need for wonderful chili.  I handle cooking the desserts and Gary is in charge of the chili making.  We forgot to get the camera out until about halfway through the event, but this will give you an idea of the crowd size.....people coming and going for 2 hours.
I think it is an event that everyone enjoys, because no matter what the weather, we always have a crowd. 

This year we had an extra special good time as seen in the following picture:

When this guy walked in, he got just the reaction you would think.  Everyone in the barn started laughing and all the women sure needed a picture with him.  After all, who in the world would wear this jacket?  Someone comfortable with his manhood for sure!  Maybe a drug rep?  Maybe a comic?  Maybe someone that knows he is loved?  Maybe someone over 50?  Maybe all of the above.

My son-in-law, so I was told, questioned if the person in this picture just walked into this large group with that jacket on - as if he couldn't comprehend someone doing that!  That was when I started thinking about at what point this happens in life. Do you think real freedom is before kindergarten and after 50, or does it happen when we all become empty nesters?  Now we don't have to worry about embarrassing our kids, so we can return to being ourselves once again.  Is that it?  When do we feel free to be ourselves once again?  When are we secure in ourselves enough to walk into a room loving the fact that everyone will look and laugh?  It is really a freedom from peer pressure isn't it!  A freedom from making our kids pass out from embarrassment. 

 No matter when it happens, or how it happens, it is wonderful.  There is so much fun to be had in the world, if only we didn't take ourselves so seriously; if only we didn't let others impressions of us take charge of our lives.  Teenagers could learn a lot from their parents.  Be yourselves.  Don't we all love being around people who can be themselves, be relaxed no matter what the situation. They cause all the rest of us to have a whole lot of fun.  Oh, if we could all be that way! 

I am glad to be a friend of Donnie Wattinger - even if we all have a question of his manhood now.  :)
Have a Blessed Day!


  1. what an awesome event!!!!! LOVE the barn! and LOVE the jacket!!!! too fun!

  2. You must have never met my mother. She never worried about embarrassing her kids, LOL

    Even to this day she says when she finally retires she is going to buy leather pants and a Harley.....