Monday, January 3, 2011

A Lesson from our Vacation

Gary and I took advantage of the slow time between Christmas and New Years to escape for a few days.  This used to be our tradition several years ago before basketball games started interrupting.  Now that we are empty nesters again I hope we keep the tradition going.  We have enjoyed taking the old Tahoe and just seeing where it might take us.  We get off the beaten path of interstate travel to see America.  This time, we decided on Savannah and Charleston and what a neat place they both are!  I chose a few of our favorite pictures to just give you a slight taste of what we enjoyed.  The first was Savannah.

We stayed at The Marshall House which is Savannah's oldest hotel and it was wonderful as you can see from the pictures.  The bottom right picture had nothing to do with the hotel, but everything to do with Paula Deen and The Lady and Son's restaurant.  That is her version of chicken pot pie and was it ever yummy!
The next leg of our trip was to Charleston.
It is so much larger than Savannah and we absolutely loved it!  It is a great place to fly in for a few days and fly back out if that is the kind of getaway you prefer.  There is so much to do there and a car is not necessary.  We learned a lot about the Civil War and saw many beautiful mansions and churches.  I could have spent an entire day just photographing gates!  My kind of place for sure.
It is also the place where I told Gary I found my next blog idea.....on Compromise.
Would you think the couple that built this house would ever have to compromise?  If you really look at the picture, it stands out dramatically.  She wore hooped skirts and wanted a round porch and he preferred square porches so this house is how they compromised - well maybe rather than compromise, they each got their way, but the poor house got compromised on the design for sure. 

Life is that way, full of compromises especially when you are married and/or have children.  No one ever gets their way all the time.  We have to compromise for different reasons.  Maybe there isn't enough money to do it your way.  Be strong and resist the temptation to live beyond your means.  If you have to charge something in order to have it, then you need to rethink the desires of your heart.  It doesn't hurt to wait until you have saved the money first, and then buy it.  New concept to many I know, but so much more rewarding when you feel you have worked for something. 

Maybe the spouse just doesn't like your way.  Step back and look at it from their view point.  Perhaps they have a better idea or at least an idea where the two of you might meet in the middle.  Don't be so strong willed to think you are always right.  You aren't.  We all can be wrong at times. 

Maybe the child really wants something that you do not feel is best for them.  Look at the situation and see if there is a way to compromise, or, are you just being selfish and wanting your way and not taking the childs view point into consideration.  Don't say no, just to be saying no.  The child needs to feel like they win sometimes! ha  Of course we can't compromise on convictions and moral principles in life, but on other things it can be a give and take world. 

I know it always seems like you are the one that does the giving and never gets to do the taking, but it really isn't that way, if you could stand out of your situation and look at it from another view point. Everyone compromises in their own way.  If they don't, they lead a sad life of selfishness.  Don't look at compromising as not getting your way.  Look at it as a way to grow closer to your spouse and your children.  You are working together for the good of the family and after all, isn't that what be all want in life - to make strong families with lots of wonderful memories.  Compromise is not a negative thing, but so much more a very positive thing in life.  It is a sign of maturity.  It means putting others first before our wants and that is what being a great parent is all about.
Have a Blessed day!

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