Friday, July 9, 2010

My Addiction

OMG!  Why did I start this!?!?!  It is the most addicting thing I have done in a long time! LOL
My lovely husband got me an i-phone for my birthday in April.  I was the last hold out among all my friends and family.  I was kind of scared that I might not be smart enough to take advantage of this phone since I had listened to a group of ladies (who shall remain nameless) ask 1000 questions at lunch to the one person that knew the answers.  I sat there absorbing all the info and began doubting my skills.  Now I am the one that sits at a computer all day drawing houses and admit that I am fairly good at figuring things out on the computer for myself, but this i-phone thing had me wondering.  Well, after Gary set it up for me and I used it a couple of hours, I could see that an i-phone was not a scary object but loads of fun.  Texting became our way of talking in this house!  So about two weeks ago, I decided to venture on out into something a little more fun and even educational - Words With Friends.  Why on earth did I do that?  The phone is always making that little noise that someone has played and it is my turn.  And I surely can't keep my friends waiting!  It doesn't matter that I have houses to draw, bills to pay, house to clean (well, I do pay to have that done, thank heavens), yard to mow, etc, etc.....I MUST STOP and ANSWER that DING!  The funny thing about playing is that you feel like you have seen that person today and everyday.  It is a connection!  Last week we had a car of five gals headed for Tulsa.  All but one had the i-phone.  Since I was driving, I let the one person without an i-phone use mine to play Words With Friends.  They were all playing and not until we hit the Indian Nation Turnpike where there wasn't any cell service for a little while, did anyone talk to me.  They were lost in getting those triple letters, double words, etc.  When all the service was gone, I thanked them for starting to talk to me again. :) 
(Just had to answer that little call to play...sorry....spelled FRIED for 16 points)
Where was I?  Oh yes, so if you feel the need for interaction with friends and don't really want to get dressed to go out, just start a game or several games of Words With Friends and you will have constant companionship! 
I am even thinking now about getting an i-pad.  That would be easier on the eyes for playing Words With Friends, oh yes, and for reading books too and maybe even chatting with friends on Facebook.  And don't forget, you can download Pottery Barn catalogues now with their app! 
(Just had to answer that little call to play again....WARREN for 11 points.  Not as good but used up a bunch of those R's!)
Oh, and one last thing.....I even read everyone's blogs on the phone and could on the i-pad if I had one.  Now we all know that is a whole lot of fun and a great way to catch up with everyone and what they are doing.  I wonder what our parents did without all this modern technology for keeping up with friends.  I remember when we had a party line and a 3 minute limit with the one telephone that was in the hallway where everyone heard everything you said - even your neighbors if they wanted to pick up and listen on the party line! Those were NOT the days, believe me!
Guess I better sign off......Words is dinging again!
Have a Blessed Day!


  1. I do believe your daughter told your husband to get you an iphone for your birthday and your daughter is the one who convinced you to get words with friends! You should give credit where credit is due :) HA. Oh, and what happened to only playing me on words? YEAH RIGHT.

  2. YES!! Its me, I am the one with the old timey phone! I can not have one, I do not have time for words with friends! I must work! LOL I could easily get addicted, just like reading these blogs. I get so frustrated when people wait so long to update them, I mean really! Thanks for letting me play on your phone!:)

  3. OOPS< just realized that said Jerry, but you know its me LISA~

  4. lisa, don't feel bad...i don't have an iphone either and have never even heard of words with friends! talk about being out of the loop!!