Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rat Rods

For those of you who know us at all, you know that Gary always has a new toy and this time he has one that I really love. You may think I am crazy when you see this, but it is just darling! I have always loved the old original Fords and Chevrolets from the Depression era and now we have one! This is a 1929 Ford Roadster Truck - convertible and all!  Do you notice something strange about it other than it being rusted out?  Look close.

Do you know what that shovel was for?  Maybe the next picture will give you a clue.......
It was a grave diggers truck!  That is why the shovel is mounted on the side of the truck.  That makes this truck really something to talk about!  Does this look like a big project to you?  Not at will be a Rat Rod.  For all of us laymen out there, that means it will never have shiney new paint on it.  He will leave it rusted except for the wheels........
Gary says the wheels always have to be clean and new looking.  He can't take the rusted look on those.  He will have G.W. Strickland Custom Homes, Inc lettered onto the truck in a rusted process so it looks original to the age of the truck and he will get it running and put new brakes on it.  Not sure how far he will take the chrome or not to chrome.....ha
And what to do on the inside.....dashes have come a long ways!!!!
A lot of Rat Rods have Mexican type throws on the seats...ha We wouldn't want to make it look good for sure.  Gary has always wanted a Rat Rod...after all, he has had plenty of the shiney street rods and antiques......

his current two shiney models, so now for the fun one.

Notice the convertible top!  Let the Rat Rodding begin.  Oh, if anyone has one of those turquoise and orange striped Mexican throws, we will take it off your hands! LOL
Have a Blessed day!

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