Thursday, June 24, 2010

Answered Prayers

I have noticed most of my blogging friends are quite these days.  We have all suffered a very sad loss in our lives - Cohen Marshall, 12 days old, went to the arms of Jesus a few days ago and it has just really affected us all.  For 12 days, we posted on facebook prayer request; sent prayer request to our Sunday School classes and our churches; messages were forwarded all over the world, literally, and prayers and petitions were made to our Lord and Savior on Cohen's behalf by friends, family and total strangers.  Never have I been a part of such a large prayer effort!  It was amazing seeing the comments every few minutes of how people were praying for Cohen and his parents.  We prayed for miracles and healing and I believe the Lord answered our prayers.  It may not be the answer that we had in our minds for physical healing on this earth so we could hold, love and cherish this dear sweet baby, but it was the ultimate healing that the Lord gave Cohen.  He has been made perfect and when it comes down to it, isn't this what we prayed for.  We wanted nothing but the best for Cohen and what can be better than for him than to be with Jesus?  Yes, it is the hardest thing we have ever experienced and yes, it hurts and hurts a lot.  Our hearts are deeply burdened for Brent and Megan.  I cannot even begin to fathom the pain they are dealing with.  If we could ease their pain, we certainly would do it, but only the Lord and time can heal this pain.  We will be there for them, but we can't take the hurt away.  That is the toughest thing a parent has to do in life - watch their children suffer and there be nothing we can really do for them.  We can love them through it and pray for them. 

There is good that comes from everything.  Sometimes it takes time to find it.  In this case, we all came closer to the Lord - that is a good thing.  God used a small baby to bring us closer to Himself.  The girls and their close friendships were such a testimony to so many.  In a world of so much bad, we were able to see what the love of great friends can really be like.  My goodness - the way Brent and Megan conducted themselves, kept us updated, documented every detail they went through no matter how hard or how painful - that was absolutely amazing and will be such a help for future families who go through this same thing. And it will be exciting to hear one day what the doctors may have learned from this experience that will help other babies.  Think of the counseling Brent and Megan will be able to give other parents that you and I would have no clue what to say.  They are both such wonderful and loving people and will be such a positive influence on others.  Wouldn't it be interesting if we could have everyone that kept up with this experience write how it changed their lives!  That would be an awesome story!  This is not the first time God used a baby to touch lives and if Cohen brought one person closer to God, then we have truly been blessed.
Have a Blessed day!

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  1. you read my mind, ms. cathy. nothing seems important enough to blog about these days ... that's all i can think about. praying for their hearts every day - i can't even imagine what it has to feel like. thanks for the post - it's a great one!!!