Monday, June 7, 2010

Miracles Today!

Wow!  What a day this has been!  Do you believe in miracles?  If not, I will have to pray for you because they really do exist.  Today we have experienced two miracles.  The first is the miracle of birth - not just any birth, but the birth of a dear baby with four heart defects and the stomach and liver on the wrong side of the body.  He came into this world "screaming and kicking."  That is truly a miracle from the Lord.  The second miracle was when they tested and he had his two pulmonary veins and they were not obstructed!  For the longest time, it was never certain that these veins had developed.  They are there and working!  Praise Jesus!  It seemed the whole world was praying today.  What a testimony.
     This is a priceless picture.......

Daddy, Mommy and sweet baby Cohen.  It has been a long hard nine months and this is only the beginning, but today brought hope.  Megan and Brent have been real troopers!  They have tried to stay positive and upbeat throughout this whole ordeal.  I so admire them for that.  They have drawn strength from their family, friends and most importantly, the Lord.  They have gotten their priorities straight.  Something a lot of us could learn from them.  To read more go to

And then there is this picture.....
I know it is small....but it says so much.  Where would we be without friends?  We all need someone to be there when the going gets rough.  This group of gals made a pact upon graduation to stay close and it has been 8 years and here they are all together through thick and thin.  They came from Fayetteville, Texarkana, Little Rock and Oklahoma City to be there for Megan in Dallas.  They kept the world posted on the happenings of the day on Facebook and blogs and texting.  They are truly Blessed to have each other.  That is what friends are for. 
We are not promised that life will be easy; we are promised that God will be there with us through the tough times and the good times.  We seem to call on him more when it is a tough time.  I heard one preacher say that he prayed for tough times so he would draw close to God.  I have never had the nerve to pray that prayer, but isn't it so.  We draw close when we can't do it on our own. 
Thank you God for this day of miracles!  ThankYou for this opportunity to see first hand what You are about.  Forgive us when we fail You and drift from You.  Bless Cohen as he has the surgeries his little body needs.  Thank you for miracles!
We did truly have a Blessed Day!

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