Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Something To Make You Smile

It seems like this past week or so, there are many of us going through some tough times in relationships, whether it is family, friends or business.  Seems like everyone I know has told me something that they are trying to "get through".  I read another good book that would put all of these things in perspective called "Safely Home" (I don't know how to underline on here - maybe someone can tell me) by Randy Alcorn, but this isn't going to be another post about a great book.  Instead, I have some pictures that would make most of those following this blog at least chuckle, if not laugh right out loud since most of you know my husband.  For those that do not, well what can I say, maybe that you are missing something (I won't say what) in your lives! ha  Love you darling and I was just kidding.  He is a wonderful man, (worries to much), and is about 6' tall to put these pictures into perspective, but does know how to have fun and let people laugh at him.  I think you will see from the following pictures why I say this.  Let me preface these pictures with a note that I know the quality is awful.  The blurriness comes because the parties in the pictures are moving and I was using my cell phone that was only a week old, so I did good to get these pictures at all.  I sooooo wish I had remembered I had video capabilities on the phone.  It would have been so much better.  Maybe this will take away some of the bad that seems to beset us lately.  Enjoy.  ( He is the passenger - not the driver)

Needless to say, they drew a large crowd of spectators at the car show!  They took this little three wheeled vehicle for about a 15 minute drive and there were even more people there to watch them get OUT of the car.  He said it really wasn't that uncomfortable but for $35,000 he really wouldn't want to take it around town to check on the houses he is building! ha  I think he prefers his King Ranch for that.
Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. looks like gary was having a great time! we all need some childlike fun every now and then.