Monday, May 10, 2010

Masters and Paintings

Not a very good picture since I saved it from Facebook.....but it is a picture of a very good girl! ha  We are so proud of Whitney getting her master's degree in education.  Now she is a fully licensed teacher and will even be earning a better salary since she has her master's degree!  Dad and I and Matt are very happy about that! ha  But having a masters doesn't mean you are totally smart and always think clearly.
After graduation, Whitney and I went shopping.  I had decided that would be our gift to her for her accomplishment.  We had a full afternoon of shopping and got lots done.  Maybe she will post pictures of her two new dining chairs we got for their table and the neat vase and live bamboo for the centerpiece.  Then we had to buy groceries for the Mother's Day meal so we were pooped!  She called in pizzas for us to pick up on the way home in the next town over from Carlisle.  I asked her at the stop light should I take the service road and she said, "Oh no, just go straight."  Well, straight was the entrance to I-40 and she realized that there was no entrance to the pizza place the way we were going.  So I pulled over to the shoulder of the road and she had to hop out, run across the grass between the road we were on and the service road to get our pizza.  She was totally embarrassed!  That was a "duh" moment in life.  Had she not done this, it would have been 10 miles to Carlisle and then 10 miles back to Lonoke.  Not good for two tired women with two husbands at home waiting on dinner.  Thankfully, I remembered to get the old camera out so I could let you all know about it! :)
When Gary and I got back home Sunday evening, I had a package waiting for me.  A few weeks ago I ordered a painting from Trish Jones at Old Post Road.   I love her little paintings with the scriptures on them. 
I hung this just to the left of my computer.  How nice to look at it while I work and to be constantly reminded to "Be joyful always; Pray continually; Give thanks in all circumstances."  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.  That could change the world if we all would live those verses out daily in our lives and,  think how much brighter my days will be because this painting is there!  You can order off her Etsy site or do as I did and have her custom make you exactly what you want.  Thanks, Trish!  I absolutely love it!
Have a Blessed Day!


  1. yay for whit!!! love love love the painting! love the verse more

  2. yay for whitney being smart... i mean... haha jk! hope you had a great mother's day yesterday