Friday, February 26, 2010

Entertaining, Dilemas and New Friends

This week we made the decision to entertain.  We have a new couple in our Sunday School class that had just moved to Texarkana, so we decided to be hospitable and invite them into our home for dinner.  I decided to have steak, twice baked potatoes, green beans, salad, rolls and upside down apple pie.  I had a new 52" table cloth that I decided to put on my rather large table.  I thought the way it turned out was rather nice, so I decided to show you gals how to use something small on a large table.
You can see I tucked it in on the long sides and made it look like a rather large table runner.  I used chargers under the dinner plates and stemware for the glasses and had a rather unique table setting.  I didn't take a picture of the completed table since I didn't want the new friends to think I was totally crazy with the internet!
Next, while cooking, I ran into a dilema.  I usually use the Rhodes frozen rolls (the kind you have to let rise before you bake them) when I entertain.  They are just like homemade rolls which I totally cannot make on my own.  I put them on the baking sheet and covered them with a paper towel as I always do.  Another thing I always do is turn my oven on 200 degrees, wait for it to get a little warm, then turn the oven off and put my rolls in there to rise free of drafts.  I always leave the oven light on for a little warmth.  Well, I had the oven busy cooking the potatoes for my twice baked potatoes, so my normal routine wasn't going to happen.  What to do!  I left them on the counter for over an hour and they looked dead.  So this is what I did......

Do you see what I did?

Yes, I sat them on the back of our couch, placed the floor lamp directly over them and they rose perfectly in just the right amount of time for our guests to smell fresh bread cooking when they arrived!  By the way, the package of 24 rolls had 26 rolls - that is the reason some are turned in different directions.  They were a hit for dinner.  We had the perfect combination for a great evening!

Two couples, both from Louisiana, ended up having lots in common.  A great evening!  As I have told you before, if you will invite people over, they will come.  There is no reason not to have friends other than you not making the effort.  The effort is truly worth it.  And, it is so much more fun to have them into your home rather than going out all the time.  They really get to know who you are when they come into your home.  It is something very special you can do for others.  Make a date and do it!
Have a Blessed day!


  1. love this!!!! :) the table cloth was beautiful ... love the pattern. working up my nerve to entertain sometime soon. you're inspiring, ms. cathy!

  2. love it! we just had a new sunday school member over for dinner the other night (who is a chef!!!) and he was soo very grateful and thankful. it is so nice to have a open home to new friends! i may not be a professional cook but he was so glad to have us invite him over for some good "fellowship". :)

  3. p.s. our preacher always says "if you invite them, they will come"--baptist love to eat!!