Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If there is food, they will come

One thing that is hard on young couples, especially young couples with children, is to find friends to do things with.  I remember when Whitney moved to Carlisle, a town of 2300, there was nothing really to do.  She was new to the town and had no real friends there.  I suggested she start a dinner club and invite 4-6 couples to come.  She could do the meat, drinks and bread and let each couple bring the salad, veggies and desserts.  I have never known anyone to turn down a meal and sure enough, it was that way for her dinner club.  You have to realize all their friends in Carlisle are farmers so the men work until dark or later.  I think they had 6 couples invited.  The women came early and the men came when they were done working - in their work clothes if they wanted to.  All it takes to get this started is someone with initiative.  Someone to organize it.  Someone to start it.  Everyone wants friends and needs to socialize sometime.  It takes effort but it is really worth it.  Entertaining is soooo much fun, if you ever get in the habit of doing it!  It doesn't have to cost a lot.  Sandwiches and chips, or hot dogs - the main thing is the fellowship and the deep friendships that will evolve.
Gary and I love to entertain.  Five years ago we started having our annual chili lunch at the barn.  It was to say thanks to our subcontractors and suppliers.  Well, it has grown to where we had around 200 people last year.  It started out men only and now the wives are getting in on the fun.  Last year the weather was awful and Gary thought we wouldn't have many to show, but he was wrong!  If you feed people, they will come.  Below are a few pictures from the 2007 lunch.  One includes my Dad that went to meet the Lord this past year.  Lots of memories from this chili lunch.  Start your traditions now.  They are so rewarding.  Entertaining doesn't have to be on this large scale, but watch out! When you start with the little entertaining it could grow! ha

Have a Blessed day!


  1. I'm so sad I'll miss it this year :(

  2. These pictures show a great turnout! Hope this year's was great! Wish we could have been there!