Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Facts

This is for all you young women having babies.  These are some interesting facts I learned.
Day 1   Fertilization!  All human chromosomes are present and  a unique human life begins.
Day 22   The baby's heart begins to beat with the child's own blood - often a different type than the mother's.
Week 6   At this stage, brain waves can be detected.  The child's mouth and lips are present and fingers are forming.
Week 8   At this stage, every organ is in place.  Bones and unique fingerprints begin to form.
Week 17  The baby can now have dream (REM) sleep.

This was taken from the National Right To Life Organization.  I am not on a bandstand against abortion (even though I am against it), but I just thought those facts were so interesting for you gals since you are all starting new families.  Those facts show the awesomeness of God.  It is truly a miracle!

For those of you that already have a baby, you finally understand the statement that there is no way possible for you to understand a mother's love until you are a mother.  So, so true isn't it!  It is a love so deep.  The same kind of love our heavenly Father has for us.  Amazing, if you can start to comprehend that.

For those of you that will be starting families, enjoy your time with your spouse while you have the time.  Babies definitely change your lifestyle!  They make you realize what is REALLY important in life.  And, after the baby is here, still make time for your spouse.  Babies are the best thing ever to help you to NOT be set in your ways.

For those of you expecting now, get organized, babies won't break (under normal wear and tear) and they don't need 100 outfits for the first year of life!  They outgrow those cute little outfits so fast.  Night gowns, t-shirts and onesies are the more practical things to have.  ha  (Please send this statement to me when Matt and Whitney start their family. :)  )

By the way, the picture to start this off is Whitney's new nephew.  Isn't he just adorable!   I have lot's of "motherly" advice, but I will wait for another day to send it to you.

Have a Blessed day!


  1. So sweet! It is SUCH an amazing thing to have this little human inside me!! I can't wait fom to arrive though we are enjoying all of our moments up until then as well :)

  2. Are you preparing me for something??? :)