Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank yous and Compliments

I get my best thoughts for blogging when I am getting ready in the mornings.  Today's thoughts were about appreciating our spouses.  We take them for granted and they do so much for us.  It is wonderful to have the security they give to our lives.  When you get to our age, you realize that it takes both the husband and the wife to have a complete home.  He changes the air condition filters and I wash clothes.  He checks to see if the faucets are wrapped for the big freeze and I make the chili.  He brings in the wood for the fire and I keep it loaded during the day so we could stay warm.  He stresses over whether the tires have been rotated and the oil changed and I decorate the house.  We each have our rolls in life.  I know it takes years to get into these wonderful ruts so if the road is rocky some days, work through it.  It will happen and it is wonderful once you realize it has happened.
I want to challenge you - compliment or thank your spouse every day for 30 days.  Put a sticky note on your bath room mirror that says Don't Forget or something that will remind you to do this, but not let him know what you are doing.  It is hard to make good habits! ha  Keep a journal of what you say and how he responds.  This doesn't have to be fancy.....notebook paper is fine.  The first few days when you say something complimentary or thank him for something he may not respond in a very nice way or the way you think he should.  He may even wonder what you are up to.  Don't let the secret out of the bag.  I predict that by the end of the month, his responses may be different and he may even start complimenting and thanking you more.  It will be interesting to go back and read how the 30 days went and maybe, just maybe, you will have started a new habit that will do nothing but enrich your marriage.
Men have a whole different thinking process than we do.  They stress over providing for their families and we stress over the day to day little things.  They see the big picture, we see the minute by minute picture.  They see things black and white and we see things with our hearts. They do worry about whether you are happy or not, even if you don't see it.  And, we all know there are at least 3-7 days that we are not a delight to live with! :)  So, start a new habit; keep a record of it and then report back to us how it is going.  At least get one friend that will commit to do this with you and report to each other how this is working out. Don't talk negative.  Pray about it.  Commit to make your home a positive place to grow up in.  The Lord will bless.
Have a Blessed day!


  1. sounds good!!!! i'm starting today. :) love your posts ... i'm sure hubby will thank you one day!

  2. Hmmm I have a feeling you are talking to your daughter! Oh and you did not spell "rolls" is "roles"....yes, I am now a teacher :)

  3. You are soooo amazing with many talents I never knew about. I've always respected you and I now I respect you even more. Love your posts! Even good for this "old" woman! Ha!