Friday, February 15, 2013

Funny, Lucky or Blessed?

Being married for 33 years means we have been through 33 Valentines together. We started dating in September and married in January, so we did not experience Valentines prior to marriage and NO, we did not HAVE to get married. Back in the "olden days", that was always a big deal. Times have changed and so it goes with us and Valentines.......times have changed.

This is our life now and it is even more special than when we first met. For those of you who know my husband, he is what he is.....never puts on a front for anyone. Totally honest. Friendly to everyone he meets. Has been known to cause tears from laughing at crazy things he says and does. And what I am about to relate to you, may bring on more of those same tears or at least a good smile.

This is what he brought me home yesterday for my Valentines Day gift.

Beautiful red roses. Count them. Only 9. Don't the grocery stores usually sell them by the dozen? Hum? Being the totally honest person he is, after he gave them to me still wrapped in the cellophane wrapping from the grocery store, he proceeds to tell me the following story:

He had asked the Lord that morning to show him the perfect gift for me this year. (not sure i believed that part) He is not a greeting card type of guy, but he wanted something special. He had been to the gym to work out at lunch and then he and his workout buddy went to Subway to grab a sandwich before going back to work. When he opens his truck door, on the ground was this cellophane bag with a dozen roses. He looks around and doesn't see anyone that looks like they lost them, so being the honest person he is, he laid them on the back of his truck in case someone came looking for them while he was eating. They were still there when he came back out. One was a little broken. He plucks it out of the bag along with two nicer looking ones to give to his buddy so he could take them home to his wife. Such a sharing and thoughtful person, my husband. I got the nine remaining. The Lord had blessed my husband that day! A God sent gift for me!

After he confessed how he came about the special roses for me, I told him the Lord had just answered my need for the day. The day before, his buddy's wife asked her husband what they were going to do for Valentines Day. He replied that he was going out to help my husband work on retrofitting our motorhome with a flat screen tv. Her reply was "for real?".

Being the good wives we are, we prepared a meal and even took it to the barn for the guys so they could get to work quickly after the meal.
And, God provided that little something to make our table look like roses. I was blessed.

There we are.....great friends, great meal, beautiful, God sent roses, in the barn with the motorhome! How much better can it get? And this is the result of the hard work by the men.

A flat screen tv installed in the bedroom of the motorhome. Still needs some stain, but they did a great job!

Isn't Valentines about being with those you love? We had a great time in our own way. And, after hearing my daughter's story (they had to postpone Valentines until Saturday because the new "Swamp People" started Thursday night), I think our evening wasn't too bad for "old" people.

Have a Blessed Day

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