Friday, May 27, 2011


Something to ponder.  For those of you with young children, you cannot fathom the amount of love that you have for your child or children.  No one can explain it to you before you give birth to your own children, but it is truly amazing love.  No words can describe the depth of  love you have for them.  Am I right?

So think on this, that same love you have for your child, your parents have for YOU.  Yes, maybe you don't see that love or feel that love coming from your parents, but it is there.  As a parent, you don't lose that love for your children, ever.  Your parents would die for you just as you would die for your children.  Please don't forget that.  Maybe they have not always been there for you.  Maybe they haven't always exhibited their love for you in a way that you could see it, but it is there.  Maybe (surely) they have made mistakes, but these mistakes were not intentional.  Being a parent is always a learning process, even when your children have children.  But they love you still.

Include them in your lives.  Forgive them when they do not do or act exactly the way you think they should.  Forgive them for not loving you they way you think you ought to be loved.  Treat them the way you would want your children to treat you one day when the roles are reversed.   Don't put higher standards on them than you would want your children to put on you one day. 

Pray for them. 

They are your parents.

Have a Blessed day.

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  1. Did my momma pay you to write that? haha That was such a great little message. Thanks!