Saturday, March 20, 2010

two new finds

Gary is out of town today so I have been totally useless.  I have had the Food Network on all morning but my attention has been on reading blogs.  I never really knew there are soooo many great ones out there.  This could really get addicting!  I came along two wonderful ideas that I would have never thought about in a million years.  Ways to recycle old things.  The first one is from a blog called 1829 Farm House where she turned 3 old chairs into one bench.  Such a cute idea!

The other one is from my newest favorite blog called Funky Junk.  This one is even more creative than the first.  Here she took a real piece of junk and got a wonderful, useful wall piece.  Look at this!

That is an old bed spring....maybe from a baby bed.  These women have amazing ideas.  Thought you might enjoy their blogs.  I really need to get up and do something constructive - like wash my face and put on makeup! ha  Have a great weekend and a Blessed day!

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