Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hook n' Go

I am always on the search for something to make my Mother's life easier. She is 84 and barely weighs 105 pounds, so lifting and carrying things can be difficult for her. Just a few days before her birthday and Mothers Day, I found something on Zulily that looked like a great gadget for her.

It is called a Hook n' Go. You hang your plastic grocery sacks over the little hooks and wheel them all into the house at one time. No straining. No wearing out the muscles. And it even jumps the four inch tire bump with ease. If you have steps going into our house, it might not work too well. She loved it so much that I decided I needed one.

Equalize the bags on each side. It will hold eight heavy bags. (If you are wondering why I have so many soft drinks in my car, it's because we had a group from church over last Sunday evening.) The one down side to this gadget is that your soft drinks have to be in plastic bags for it to haul them. I just leave it in the garage for the next time I come home loaded down with groceries.

I found mine on and had to pay an extra $10, but I think it definitely was worth it. For those who have arm, back, shoulder pains, it is a great investment.

Hope this simplifies your life.
Have a Blessed day!

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  1. Awesome gadget and yes, I have disc problems in my neck and lifting things aggravates it SO i am ordering one of these tonight! You just never know who you're going to help with your words of wisdom! (I would get one for my dad but he has a step and I think it would be a problem)