Friday, October 14, 2011


What kind of friend are you? 

What kind of friend do you prefer to have around you? 

One that always agrees with you or one that can help you to see other ways of looking at issues? 

I have found too many times we want friends that will agree with us no matter what the issue.  For instance, your other half, better known as a spouse, husband, wife, etc, does something that really sets you off.  It is just infuriating or maybe frustrating or so dumb.  You get my drift.  They are just so opposite of the way we think they should be.  We have all been there. (If only everyone were as perfect as we are.)  Girls are really bad about this....they run to their best friend and start ragging about their husband.  The friend so many times starts agreeing and may even add fuel to the fire.  Something that may have started out a small issue suddenly becomes major.  It may eventually make you want to give up on a marriage!

Is this the kind of friend you really need and is this the kind of friend you ought to be?  I want to suggest the answer to that question is a rather large NO!  A friend should be there to help you see the issue clearly and maybe even help you see the spouses view point - no matter what her view point is.  Sure she may agree he is a jerk, but she shouldn't tell you that right at this moment. 

A true friend would try to give you positives to look at, help you calm down, and work with you until the situation becomes better.  She would think before she speaks negatively.  She wouldn't add fuel to the fire.   She would pray for you and with you.  After all, a true friend would want to do all she could to help you keep your marriage together.

Think about the kind of friend you are.  It could change your world.

Have a Blessed day!

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