Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guard Your Heart

My heart suddenly became burdened today for young couples.  I know that problems can happen in all marriages, but it was young couples that spoke to me today.  I just wanted to take a moment and say, "Guard your hearts and your families."  Don't take any family member for granted.  Treat them as special as you would if you knew that you would never see them again after today. 

Recently, I saw a young couple that you would consider the ideal young family.  They are successful, have a darling family, go to church, involved in the name it, they are the epitomy of what you think a young family should be.  But I was told, rather matter of factly, that the young father was known to have cheated on his wife.  My heart was BROKEN!  The family is together and I don't really know any circumstances or details or even if the rumors are even true, but it got me to thinking how easily life can change. 

We sometimes get wrapped up in our children, our jobs, the community, the church and let those closest to us fall by the wayside.  Take time today to tell your spouse how much they mean to you.  Do something, maybe weekly, to make them feel special.  It doesn't have to be big - just special.  And, most of all, never put yourself in a situation where you can be tempted.  Married people do not need to go on a regular basis where singles hang out.  Does that sound anti-social?  Old fashion?  Maybe it is, but maybe it will save a marriage.  Is your marriage worth it?  Don't you think it would be better to do activities with married couples who have healthy relationships?  Why put yourself in the position of having to say "No" to something that could break your marriage apart?  Life is hard enough when you avoid these situations all together.  Sunday school is the best place in the world to find friends trying to make a great life for their families.  They will have more in common with you than anywhere else you might look for friendships.  It is a great place to start life long friendships with people all working for a common good - family.

On another day this past week, I was around a young couple who is doing it right.  They started their marriage by joining a church and getting involved.  I mean really involved.  Before they started their family, they were teaching in the childrens department at their church.  They had made many wonderful friends in their church and you could tell, the church loved them.  When they had the birth of their first baby, the hospital room was proof that the church loved them.  They had visitors coming and going from the church. Lots of young couples visiting.  It gave me chills to see how this young couple has grown in the Lord.  They are guarding their hearts, serving the Lord and trying to do things right and I told them how happy it made me to see how their lives were going in such a wonderful direction.  They are not my biological children, but they are my children in my heart. 

You choose the life you want to live.  Learn from other's mistakes.  Keeping a family together for a lifetime takes work.  It is hard work sometimes.  And, it is even harder when you don't allow the Lord in to help.  One of my favorite verses in the Bible speaks to this.....

Proverbs 4:23  "Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life."

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Amen - This could not have been said better.

  2. You have the sweetest way of putting things. Funny I never even thought about all of our church family coming and going.. Just seems like family and how it's suppose to bei guess! We are soo blessed and pray we are as equally blessed in our new church home!

  3. oh, mrs. cathy. this is a huge worry of mine. actually too huge at times to the point of obsessing over all the ways our marriage COULD go wrong. i had to let some of that go and focus on now. one thing i'm trying to do is keep some interests that mike and i share other than the kids. like gardening, working on house projects. sometimes we both read in the living room together instead of watching tv. i'll tell you what makes me crazy other than cheating, though, is hearing about couples where one just "decides" they don't want to be married any more. that just happened to our neighbors. and it was the wife, by the way. of course cheating can also be linked to a lot of those cases if you dig deep enough. so how's this for a lengthy comment. lol:)