Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moms and Their Babies

This is the time of the year that mothers cry.  At least it is the time of the year that I used to cry when Whitney was going back to school.  After all, the teacher was going to have more waking hours with my daughter than I would.  What if the teacher was not really "called" to be a teacher?  What if the teacher was a screamer?  That would make me cringe!  What if the teacher was lazy and didn't challenge my child?  That would make me cringe even more!  What if the teacher wasn't loving?  There were so many unanswered questions when school was starting and kindergarten was the absolute worse year for all of those anxious thoughts.  However, I did cry on the first day for each year of elementary school I think.  We had a group of moms that would get together for lunch or breakfast to try and console each other, but that really didn't help because we were all down.  Maybe it was losing control that was the root of this.  Or maybe just the fact that our baby was growing up.  It is just a fact of life that it is a sad day for most moms.  I found a few pictures that brought back memories.
Her class picture from kindergarten.  Missing a few teeth I see.

Whitney's kindergarten graduation.  Oh how precious was Mrs Logan!!!!!!  I had nothing to worry about with Whitney spending more time with that lady than with me.  She was a wonderful influence and we loved her so much!  We loved her all the way through high school!  The Logan's were such a big part of Pleasant Grove Schools.  They are truly missed by all who knew Alice and Clarence.

This picture is not from kindergarten but I couldn't resist adding it.  She was artist of the day.  And those glasses!  One theme runs in all of these pictures.....big bows were in!  And we had one for every outfit.  :)
Our school experience was wonderful and I really had no reason to cry. 

Today I find myself teary eyed again.  Whitney is back in kindergarten, but this time, she is the teacher.  She has worked all summer on getting her classroom to be the best it can be.  We have scrounged, begged, crafted and out right bought all sorts of things to make this year a wonderful year for the students she will have.  When she posted pictures on Facebook last night, they brought tears to my eyes.  This time because I know how hard she has worked and I realize how Blessed her students are going to be to have Mrs. Kelly as their teacher.

Sorry, this is so blurred, but it is a glimpse of all the specialness that she has added to this room.  I am sure most of you have seen the better pictures on her Facebook page.  So glad she has gotten her master's and started teaching kids how much fun it can be to read and write and do arithmetic! ha  Kindergarten sets the pace for the next 12 years.  I think these 16 kids will have a postive experience with a teacher that will love them close to as much as their parents do.  We are proud of you!  I will also be remembering all you moms out there that will be shedding those tears in the next week.  You will finally grow to long for that day!
Have a Blessed day and school year!

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  1. Hmmmmm, love that Kindergarten picture. She was so cute...oh wait, that's me :)