Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am wondering if you gals know what the above pictures actually are.  In order, from left to right, they are a weed eater, a power blower and an edger.  That is all you want to know about these three items.  Period.

There is a thing that will happen with all men, if you aren't careful.  Whatever you learn to use, to operate or to handle, they will let you.  Unless you totally love yard work, I suggest you NEVER, EVER, EVER learn to even hold one of these things, let alone learn how to use one proficiently!  Men will have you out in the yard doing a man's job.  Tell your husband you are scared you will cut your foot off or any excuse not to use one of these guy things! 

When you are newly married, you want to try and impress your husband by learning to do everything to keep your house looking great.  DO NOT go there!  After the new wears off  and the honeymoon is over, you will be stuck with the yard work for the rest of your life.  I learned this 30 years ago (our 30th wedding anniversary is January 3rd).  I suggested that I could mow the yard.  Back then, it was a small yard with a push mower.  It was exercise and I really didn't mind helping out on occasion.  Well, 30 years later I am riding a Kubota tractor with a 6' mower and it takes me about 5 hours a week to get the "yard" mowed.  Fortunately, I realized after volunteering to mow, that I should NEVER, EVER, EVER learn to use anything else that was related to yard work!  If I did, he would have me using it from then on!

So, act like a lady, a sissy or whatever you must - but don't learn to use guy toys.  Leave that to the guys and you handle the inside of the house, the laundry, the kids, the cooking and all those other things a good wife would do! ha  Leave the outside to the hubby. 

Have a Blessed day (in the cool house)!


  1. best post EVER ms. cathy!!!!! hahha! my tummy hurts from laughing! i so understand ... i totally punk out when it's time for yard work. :) such great advice!

  2. I HATE yard work. I won't do it. I pretty much refuse. Brent and my mom plant flowers! Sad, huh? haha

  3. I have trained my wife good. I would recommend to you guys to do the same. A womens place is in the kitchen and the yard.