Friday, October 9, 2009


I went to the doctor last week and found out that my cholesterol is high. Not good and even worse is that he told me I probably needed to get on medication due to my age. Great. That got me to thinking about eating a little more healthy and I remembered a newsletter I got from Sprouts, a juice bar here in t-town, that was talking about celery and how it was one of the best foods you can eat. They said, "Celery is the number one medicinal food for lowering blood pressure. It also helps control appetite and lowers stress hormones. Celery is a great source of silicon which is very benefical for joints, bones and connective tissue." Now I don't care if you are young or old....we all could use celery for one of those items! ha

So here is what I ate last night for dinner (since I ate TaMolly's for lunch with Nacho Club). I took a piece of Flat Out Light Original (from Super One Foods back close to the deli - kind of like a tortilla but better) and layered it with spicey brown mustard, 98% Fat free turkey, imitation mozzarella cheese (they have really improved on these imitation cheeses over the years) and a stalk of celery the width of the Flat Out bread. I rolled this all up and it was sure yummy and so healthy! The only item that had any cholesterol was the turkey. This would be great to take in a lunch to work since there is nothing to get soggy in it and you get the celery for green, crunchy feel and nutrition to lower those stress hormones! ha

Advice for you young gals: Keep your weight off now!! Don't get to where I am. It is easier to lose 5 -10 pounds than 40 - 50 lbs for sure! Exercise even when you are dead tired. It will make you feel better. Then why do I have such a hard time doing something I know will make me feel better? Go figure.

Have a Blessed day!


  1. never been a fan of celery. but i might try this one ... it sounds good!!!! i'm sure it'd be much better than the chicken salad sandwich i had from silver spoon. happy friday!

  2. I have to say first of all that I love the fact you have a blog!! I know we will get some fun ideas and advice from you for sure. I love that weird?? Someone once told me that you burn calories while you eat it for one reason or another. So, that has to be good!! HA! Glad I got to be part of the fam last Saturday. Wish market was sooner than January but maybe I will get to see y'all before then!

  3. You did not instill in your daughter the love for celery so I'm having a hard time thinking I'll make this, but nice suggestion. I'm really enjoying your weird!

  4. I LOVE celery! There is some in my fridge now. I like it with peanut butter or pimento cheese!